Make Money, Make Money

Let’s talk money!! Money can be an uncomfortable subject for some people. If I’m being honest it’s uncomfortable for me to talk about, and stressful for me at times as well. I’m going to do my best to try and express my discomfort in this blog. Sometimes I think if I could give my youngerContinue reading “Make Money, Make Money”

Just Keep Running

“Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.” You know you’re a parent of little kids, when you start quoting Disney movies. But really, I do feel like I’m always telling myself, “just keep going, just one more day, don’t stop you’re almost there.” I’m running a race with no finish line, there’s always more to do,Continue reading “Just Keep Running”

Starting Over Where I left Off

When I first decided I wanted to start a blog, I thought it could become the creative outlet that I had been missing lately. I had always loved to write, I used to write my own type of poetry, I loved writing short stories and reading novels and biographies. I used to paint for fun,Continue reading “Starting Over Where I left Off”